The story of Acai is a natural, hand-made creation inherited from trips between two countries (Brazil-France). Jorge is from Brazil and Karine is French.

Our entire line of jewelry and accessories is made from a unique, long-stemmed, golden herb in the world: the capim dourado (syngonanthus nitens). We discovered the art of this plant while traveling through Brazil.

The capim dourado comes from a reserve of natural wonders in north-central Brazil. It is also called "vegetable gold".

It is said that in the 15th century the Inca king Atahualpa had to hide the fabulous Inca treasure in an undisclosed place. He then asked the Coya Camaquen (Princess of the Sun) to turn his treasure into gold dust. She entrusted the powder to the god of the wind who transported it to a then unknown plain in Brazil. Thus was born thevegetable gold.


Capim dourado comes from a reserve of natural wonders in the state of Tocantins (recent state in north-central Brazil, whose capital is Palmas)

This wild, natural capital is a sustainable, ecological and protected material. Since 2009, where we have been in awe of the craftsmanship that the craftsmen provide, we have wanted to make visible and spread all this art through pieces that we had carefully selected. Today, Açaï works with a workshop in a village in Jalapao to pass on the ancestral art of weaving this exceptional herb.

Sensitive to fair trade, we make a point of contributing to the conservation and development of this craft.

We have the sincere feeling that this material and the making of our collections will seduce you, in order to make worthy the meticulous and passionate work of this community, which we are going to present to you ...